Lapstar* - Laparoscopic Training System

Lapstar* is a professional laparoscopic training system aimed at university students and trainees. With five different training modules co-developed by the VU University of Amsterdam, users learn the precise hand-eye coordination that is necessary for laparoscopic surgery.

Because the lapstar is used by different parties, such as; VU University of Amsterdam, Leiden University Medical Center and the Delft University of Technology, more information and knowledge is gathered and used for next generation Lapstar* systems.

Now the laparoscopic technologies and trainingsystems are starting to develop rapidly Camtronics is taking the next step and upgrading its current basic set-up with an additional Trendo system. Simply explained as a movement detection system, the Trendo will provide a good registration platform to develop uniform training and examining systems.

The basic Lapstar* as well as the additional Trendo system are based upon a physical interface. The use of actual tools in trainingsituations will bring reality as close as possible. The only thing left is to do is to change from the Lapstar* to a real patient.

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Copyright © 2022 Lapstar - Camtronics B.V. |  Privacy Statement
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